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The Web of Influence: Social Media and Professional Identity

Every day, millions of people share their opinions with a global audience via Tweets, #s, blogs, wikis, videos, likes, tags, text messages and online comments. Digital spaces and mobile technologies allow us to be connected to our personal and professional networks and communities 24/7. In what ways does this hyper-connectivity impact the ways in which people regard their place in the world and define themselves? In this course we will analyse the social, ethical, political and cultural ramifications of societies that are increasingly mobile and digital. The impact of new genres and forms of expression on our identities will be explored as we actively participate in online networks and create profiles and content for social media.

If you successfully complete this course you will be able to:

  • Examine the impact of social media and digital spaces on the concept and expression of identity.
  • Explore the ways the structure and dynamics of networks affect the behaviors of individuals and populations.
  • Analyze perspectives on social media practices in order to make judgements about the ethical and responsible use of social media.
  • Discuss ways to protect privacy and maintain control over personal information.
  • Explore web tools and social platforms to determine the options they enable for connection, interaction and participation in local and global communities.
  • Create a digital identity that is authentic and professional.

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