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Social Media and Professional Identity – The Web of Influence

This INC300 website has the resources, information and instructions you need to be successful in the course.   

We will meet on Microsoft Teams on Thursdays from 12:00PM – 2:00PM.

Carefully read the course overview and make sure you understand how the course works.  Take a look at the assignments, check out the course calendar and add the important dates to your personal calendar.  Each week there will be a page of information, resources and activities that focuses on the Topic for that week  under the Weekly Topics section of the website.

Week 1 - Jan 10 - 14

Social Media  & Course Requirements

Week 2 - Jan 17 - 21

The Layers and Theories of a Digital Identity

Week 3 - Jan 24 - 28

Selfies and Society – Who am I? Is that you?


Week 4 - Jan 31 - Feb 4

Online Content – Remixing, Reusing, Inspiring, Plagiarizing

Week 5 - Feb 7 -11

The (Social) Media and the Messages

Week 6 - Feb 14 - 18

The Power and Peril of Networks and Audiences


Week 7 - Feb 22 - 26

Midterm Exam – Building a Professional Identity

March 1 - 5

Reading Week
The semester is half over


Week 8 - March 7 - 11

Personal and Professional Brands and Branding

Week 9 - March 14 - 18

Social Media Influencers – Who/What influences you?

Week 10 - Mar 21 - 25

The Future of Work – HR strategies

Week 11 Mar 28 - Ap 1

Digital Wills – Digital Identity and the Afterlife

Week 12 - April 4 - 8

Professional Identity Showcase and Peer Feedback

Week 13 - April 11 - 15

Social Media and  the danger of a Single Story


Week 14 - April 18 - 22

This is ME and the Web of Influence – Final Paper

I am committed to supporting your success in this class and building on the many strengths each and every one of you bring to our virtual classroom.  I am confident that you have the skills to succeed in this class, but  you have to  to organise your time and find the motivation to do the work each week.  At times you might experience difficulty understanding course content or assessments, or life might create barriers to your learning.  If this happens please email me so that we can connect and I can share resources that you might find helpful. 

Professor Valerie Lopes

Seneca College