Welcome to INC300

Social Media and Professional Identity – The Web of Influence

This course requires the internet and a  laptop and microphne.

There are required weekly synchronous discussion and activities  sessions on Thursdays (12:35 – 2:30) using Microsoft Teams.

All links to all required course resources – articles, documentaries,  podcasts and videos are posted in the Topics section of this website.

There is no textbook for this course.

In addition to using the tools in My.Seneca – we will use Padlet,  the Adobe Spark tools, Google Sites and Microsoft Forms.

The links to information about  how to use these (free) tools are posted on the Tech Tools page. 

The course site will be updated weekly.  Expect to dedicate 6 hours each week to the readings and activities and more when working on a major assignment

The course requires independent study 

Every Monday an announcement with the weekly tasks is sent via email and posted on My.Seneca. .  Regular reminders about due dates and course updates are also sent out.   The Weekly Topic page will also have all the details for the week.

To do each week:
Read/watch/listen to the content resources
Submit the Weekly Activities – check the folder for due dates
Work on the Assignments
Attend the synchronous session on Thursdays at 12:35 – 2:30pm

Participation in class discussions and activities is essential to your success in this course.  We use  Microsoft Teams for weekly discussions and some class activities. ( A microphone is required for this, a camera is optional).

This course is designed to be inclusive and accessible for all learners.  Please let me know how I can support your learning. All work for this course must be your own.  You are required to complete the Academic Integrity Modules.   

If you have a question, a comment or resources to share  let me know at valerie.lopes@senecacollege.ca,  call me via Teams,  join a drop in session, or book a virtual appointment.  Email or Teams Chat is the best way to contact me.

I am committed to supporting your success in this class and building on the many strengths each and every one of you bring to our virtual classroom.  I am confident that you have the skills to succeed in this class, but  you have to  to organise your time and find the motivation to do the work each week.  At times you might experience difficulty understanding course content or assessments, or life might create barriers to your learning.  If this happens please email me so that we can connect and discuss what’s happening. 

Professor Valerie Lopes

Seneca College